Texting the unspoken words


I took my car to the shop today….

My dealer has a car service that you can use to get back to your location. As I got in the car with another person, I realized that I didn’t have anything in common with him. So, I proceeded to open my iPad and started to communicate to others. I noticed that he was doing the same thing except he was on a smart phone. And then I thought how far we had come as a society where we get into cars with strangers, ride trains with strangers and don’t have to really communicate to one another. It’s so very easy to text, email, facebook or tweet.

Writing an email, tweeting or facebooking will never take the place of spoken words. It can never be like a one-on-one communication. Young People think it’s easier to type to someone, email someone, tweet someone, text someone…saying that it saves time. But it really doesn’t because no one is really inside your head as you’re writing.Written words can be interpreted in so many different ways. I believe this is why so many relationships don’t work because people find it easier to text/write rather than talk.

Does that mean that the spoken word is now going to become passé?

One thought on “Texting the unspoken words

  1. Maggie

    Jasmine seems like a really sweet person, She is not a leader, She is not organized and is all over the place. When it’s time to setup any event. Family, and business don’t always mix well.
    For anyone young and starting a business, having someone with long term experience IS VERY IMPORTANT. I put my money on Artie, he is FOCUSED and Professional, to Mispronounce the name of your BROTHERS business. (MY GOD), Jasmine your on TV, pull it together.

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