Wow! It’s been a year since we sat down and had our One-on-One. How are you Artie? How is 2014 treating you?

Yes, it has.  We’ve had a pretty busy year! 2014 is treating us really well. We’ve had new styles fashion for bow ties, getting a lot of write ups about the BowTies, doing a lot of different events and some of the same. People are very open to Artie’s events & A2 Collections.

Better than 2013?

It’s hard to tell, We’re getting more press and going on more talk shows. So in that respect, yes it is better than 2013.

Did we hear that you did an event for President Obama?

Yes, another event for President Obama. I’m really happy that I’ve had an opportunity to work for him quite a few times now.

We got to see so many shades of Artie in the last season of Chef Roble & Co. How real are these reality shows? Do you actually have a healthy work relationship with Roble now?

I say they are very real and our particular show wasn’t scripted – you do spend a lot of time taping and with all that time you are bound to show something. My working relationship with Roble is what it is. I help when I can.

When are you guys coming with the third season?

No one has said anything and I’m very hopeful to do another show.

       By the way, loved your bow ties on the show. We actually got to catch you on WWHL- Andy        giving a shout out to A2 Collections. Congratulations!

Thank you, it was so wonderful to be on the Andy’s Show.

        Tell us about your Youtube series. Is Chef Roble & the cast featured with you?

The YouTube series is a series call “One- on- One with Artie” and is just showing the different aspects of my life. I have the bow ties, I’m singing again, I have a lot of non- profits that I work with. Look it up when you have a chance.

Well! Thank you for letting us in to your world & we wish you all the best!

Thank you. See you next time. :)


Happy New Year 2013 to you, Artie! How are you?
I had a wonderful New Year. I spent most of my time hanging out with my family and my mother

Any New year’s resolution? Resolutions, maybe?
To stay focused and busy and look out for all opportunities.

There is so much to look forward to in 2013, but looking back at 2012, how do you think the year went for you?
I think last year went very well for me. I left my job after 18 years. I started my own company and haven’t look back..

Anything you would have wanted to change if you could?
Yes, I should have left the job sooner.

What does 2013 hold for Artie?
The sky is the limit. I’m hoping that the show will be a great success. I have a drop off service that I’m starting, a bowtie line that’s up and coming and the events/catering service.


That’s right, Artie’s events. How is it doing?
Actually I couldn’t be happier. It’s moving along quite well. I have an assistant and things are working out pretty good. Thanks to Chef Roble & Co., “the show,” things are good moving along.

It must have been tough running your own business and also working for one?
Well! Actually it’s not that hard. I consider Roble & Co. as being a client of mine. So, at times I work with him, he’s more or less a client and when he works for me, I’m his client.

How do you manage the conflict in dates when it happens?
It becomes a game of tag team, I start at one place, go to the next- make sure they have everything they need, talk to the client and then off I go to the last event and just kind of show up and do my thing there. My crew is great and they are sticklers for detail, because they know that I am.

What should we expect in this season 2 of Chef Roble and Co.?
I can’t give away any secrets but there will be drama.


How much has Chef Roble and Co. grown you think?
Roble has changed, his head is in a different space, as is all of ours.

Now that you have grown so much as a company, What takes for you to hire someone?
I hate interviewing people, but I look at character, work ability and work ethics in hiring people. And you can’t get that from an interview, they have to work with you for a few days.

Do you ever turn events down?
Yes, all the time when people think that $20 a person can get them an event including staff, rentals and food. I turn them down.

Have you ever not gotten paid for an event?
I don’t know anybody in this business that hasn’t, but I try to keep a hold of them. So, yes.

How about the tie line you had been talking about last year? Is it still happening?
Bow- ties are still coming you just wait-and-see.

Well Artie, wish you all the best for 2013. We should meet after the premiere of Season 2.
Any message for your fans and well-wishers until then?
Yes, please tune into Chef Roble & Co. on Bravo. It is going to be one helluva show.